About us

PowerGate is one of the top software development companies in Vietnam. Our dynamic, enthusiastic team works with partners across the globe, including the UK, Europe and Australia. With a staff of experienced professionals, we are able to provide high quality services. Meet our management team here.

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We Value our clients

The satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority. Our methodology is thorough and rigorous, but flexible so that we can customize per our clients’ requirements. Though a well-defined process, each task is held to a high standard and we aim to make every day count. Valuing our clients is not just a phrase; it’s also good business. We know that by valuing our clients, we will create a network of strong referrals.

We believe in Quality

We strive to provide world-class services. The only way to achieve this lofty goal is by setting the highest possible standards for our entire company. We like to say “every effort counts” – from our first meeting, to the final product. Excellent and consistent quality at a low cost is what we can provide over our competitors.

We value our people


People are the key resources in any service industry. We highly value our people and their performance, and strive to provide an environment that helps them thrive. See our people here.

Fast turnaround, high quality, low price.

There is an old saying about development: Speed, quality, price: you can have two of them. At PowerGate, we defy conventional wisdom by providing all three. We do it by a unique combination of finely-tuned process management, a remarkable depth of technical expertise, and a lean, agile organization structure that can respond rapidly to changing customer needs. The cost of living in Vietnam is very low, which allows us to provide world-class technical capability at very low prices.

We adapt to the way you work, become an extension of your team.

Our internal processes are well-defined and have been developed with the express purpose of being easily adaptable to your needs. We dedicate the resources necessary to learn your technologies and methodologies, becoming a virtual extension of your team.

Lean, agile organization.

We understand that the challenges you face can change on a daily basis. That’s why we have structured our company to be extremely responsive to our customers’ needs. There are no extraneous layers of management. We will put together a stable, dedicated team based on your needs, no matter what the size or duration of your project. We can also adapt by quickly adding or subtracting resources as your needs change.

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